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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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japanese ring of safety, which is only about 19 miles. charlie d'agata joins us from japan with the latest on efforts to prevent a nuclear disaster. >> reporter: we are on the way to the quake zone. the japanese military has taken over the highways for humanitarian assistance. we have had to cut through the mountains, where as you can see, it's snowing. we are trying to get as close as we can while obviously avoiding the stricken nuclear plant. military helicopters launched an all-out water assault on japan's crippled nuclear power plant in a desperate attempt to buy more time. crews are racing to finish a new power line that could restore crucial water pumps. the best option many experts say to cool dangerously hot reactors and prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> we believe that radiation levels are extremely high, which could possibly impact the ability to take corrective measures. >> reporter: the biggest worry
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is reactor 4. wednesday, u.s. officials warn the unit no longer has water in its spent fuel pools, meaning the fuel rods are completely exposed, with nothing to prevent them from melting down. the u.s. is urging all americans to steer clear of the troubled plant. late last night the state department stayed would arrange charter flights to help u.s. citizens leave japan. today, tokyo's airport was packed with travelers like barbara, eager to get out. >> i'm concerned because i really don't know the situation about the radiation. it keeps changing. >> reporter: all americans living within 50 miles of the plant are being encouraged to evacuate or stay indoors. that's 2.5 times as wide as the danger zone established by the japanese. president obama discussed the precautions the u.s. is taking in a phone call with japan's prime minister last night. he also vowed to do everything possible to help japan recover from its worst crisis since world war ii.
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the u.s. military will provide fire trucks and pumps from its bases here in japan but made clear that they would be manned by japanese forces. live in japan, i'm charlie d'agata, now back to you. >> thank you. and right now a plume of radiation is crossing the pacific and traces could be detectable in southern california by late tomorrow according to a united nations forecast. but experts stress that the radiation will be extremely diluted and is very unlikely to cause any harmful effects. the feds have sent more radiation monitors to the west coast as a precaution. they are expected to be operational by the end of the week. in san jose this morning, a search for a gunman who shot a man execution-style in front of people eating burgers and fries. don knapp is near mcdonald's on bascomb avenue with an exclusive look at the surveillance video and joins us now live. good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning,
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frank. certainly it was a very brazen shopping crime taking place at that mcdonald's right behind me here on south bascomb and the young man that was shot apparently in the hospital right across the street valley medical center. san jose police this morning confirming that he is still alive on life support. now, the interesting thing right next door to the mcdonald's is the liberty tax service and they had a video surveillance camera on their building. let's look at the video that camera. at the top of the screen you will see the shooter on the run. as you watch, you can see a woman apparently reacting to the shot and turning around. a moment later, the suspect runs by wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and holding a gun. now, the video was provided by paul grewal, who owns lint tax. he provided it to cbs 5 because he said it was the right thing to do. >> we catch a person, you know, that done this harm to the young man that got shot, they catch him and hopefully it doesn't happen again. >> shot him and just kept
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walking down the sidewalk real calm and i seen him tucking away the gun. i couldn't see whatever it was. >> reporter: the shooting happened during a lunchtime crowd. it was under these arches at the mcdonald's. san jose police say the gunman walked up to the victim and shot him point-blank and then ran from the scene. paramedics came across -- took the victim across the street to valley medical center where they put him on life support and san jose police looking into this to see if it is gang- related. frank, sydnie? >> all right, don knapp, thank you very much, live in san jose. right now, if you want to take a little scenic drive down the coast you're going to center to stop at big sur because highway 1 is shut down there because a chunk of the highway slid into the ocean. 30 feet of the road went down the cliff south of hurricane point yesterday. drivers were forced to leave their cars and walk to safety. nothing like a close-up shot of mother nature there in action. >> no. >> there hasn't been a ton of
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rain in the area recently but all signs point to steady erosion from rain and waves. it could be months before caltrans gets this one fixed. >> a little luck. irish today, guess we are not -- a little luck of the irish today, guess we're not going to see rain today. >> that's right. we are going to relish the sun as much as we can around the bay area today but there is a chance we could see some showers. we are watching this guy right here. it doesn't look like much but we have seen numerous lightning strikes along this little band of moisture that's going to be pushing onshore. it's a slow move a slow mover. best chance north bay. 43 degrees in san jose today. you have a couple of patches of fog outside. toward the afternoon temperatures running up into the 50s and 60s, partly cloudy, with a slight chance of showers to the north. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. i got the leprechaun out of my clicker so we're good to go.
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let's go live towards the bay bridge toll plaza. they should have just wrapped up roadwork on the upper deck from the incline to the "s" curve some lanes blocked until 5:00 this morning. walnutt creek, these daily lights traffic moving through the san ramon valley. mass transit is all on time. clicker still not working. thank you gianna. back to you guys. >> thank you. it is 5:06. when we come back, the tragedy at mavericks that's claimed the life of a prominent surfer. >> and amid the nuclear crisis in japan, the stories of survival emerging from the other disasters. all coming up. getting ready to plant?
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miracle-gro garden soil. 5:09. a prominent surfer from help. him. died last night while surfing at mavericks near half moon bay. now fellow surfers are asking how such an experienced competitor could drown. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. i am here in pacifica and you can see the waves here behind me nothing dramatic right now. but there was a high surf advisory in effect for the entire coastline until tomorrow night. and some of those waves are what got the best of a world- renowned surfer last night. here's his picture. his name is [ indiscernible ]
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he was 35, he lived in hawaii in kauai and he was surfing mavericks near half moon bay last night when he drowned after enduring what's known as a two-wave hold. he was held down by two waves in a row at around 6:30 p.m. and his body was found at the mouth of the half moon bay harbor. showing you some video now of mavericks, of course, a world- renowned surfing spot. faces were measuring up to 30 feet but the conditions were said to be slop pitch. it is one of the most powerful breaks in the world near pillar point. people of peoplepeople surf there all the time. there was an injury earlier this year. we'll talk about that in the next segment. live here in pacifica, you can see the scenes up, this high
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surf advisory is going to be in effect until 11 p.m. tomorrow. >> thank you, anne makovec live at mavericks. 5:11. there is still hope that survivors will be found in the rubble from friday's earthquake and tsunami in japan. search teams trying to find them as family members of the missing are doing the same. [calling out ] >> what a heartbreaking experience. more than 8,000 people are still missing in japan. hundreds of national and international rescue teams are looking for them, as well. more than 5300 people are known to have been killed. >> my wife, my son's family and four grandchildren, i lost them all. [ crying ] >> survivors in the hardest-hit areas are having trouble getting the basic necessities now. look at these grocery store shelves. the stores can't restock their
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shelves. some of them are limiting shoppers to 10 items. nearly half a million people are staying in schools and other emergency shelters in japan now. and there are ways to help the victims of the quake and tsunami. you can log on to our website, click on "links and numbers." there, you'll find a list of agencies that are coordinating emergency relief. >> and they need your help in a big way, to be sure. time now 5:12. paying more to use your atm. just how much. we are going to tell you coming up. >> and judging by the long lines, it's a hit. the new grocer in the bay area where you can grab a quick bite. >> free and easy across the san mateo bridge and across the bay area. coming up a look at mass transit after the break. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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good morning. happy st. patrick's day. a little sunshine in parts of the bay area. still a chance of showers but most of that is going to be north of the golden gate bridge. mostly clear skies inside the bay right now and out at the coast. watch out, high surf advisory toward the beaches. you're looking at some of the waves up to 16 feet.
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the advisory is through tomorrow. partly cloudy in the bay area so we may have a little sunshine. we have changes in the work. here's your cold front sliding through. yesterday that brought showers with it and a nice break a little sunshine in the afternoon and doesn't look like much but this guy right here, we have been seeing numerous lightning strikes along the system here. this is going to slide into the north bay. the next one is a good soaker moving in throughout the day on friday. dublin in the east bay should be a beautiful day there, some sunshine a couple of clouds moving by about 62 degrees. 59 in richmond.
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north bay clouds by the afternoon. chance of scattered showers. friday a big soaker with gusty winds and low snow levels across some of the mountain peaks here and lots of snow up in the sierra nevada. showers continuing into saturday. more rain on sunday and monday. let's check on traffic right now and i can see elizabeth is waiting for that leprechaun to come back. >> i'm cringing. we have moved a few wires around. so hopefully we're all good now. all right. first, okay, here's a look at the golden gate bridge. everything is free-flowing in both directions. there should be four southbound lanes now heading into san francisco. there is nothing going on that's going to impact your morning drive as far as accidents go or incidents. there is still a little bit of overnight roadwork still ongoing including this stretch through pittsburg. eastbound 4 between bailey road and somersville various lanes
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blocked eastbound highway 4 until 7:00 this morning. westbound highway 4 still looks okay through antioch. also, still a nice drive coming out of the altamont pass. holding steady there around 14 minutes from the altamont pass out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. you can see all green on our sensors as you head towards dublin, which lawrence did a very nice irish accent earlier. up and down the nimitz freeway quiet as well from hayward into downtown oakland. here's a look near the coliseum. that roadwork between fruitvale and fifth avenue that has now wrapped up so all lanes open in either direction. easy ride if you have a flight over by oakland airport. and coming up along the peninsula, 101 and 280 fine here, as well. like i said, we are off to a great start for this morning's commute. that was a live look near lagoon way. mass transit we have also been checking this and bart systemwide right now reporting no delays, ace and muni and caltrain all look good, as well. remember our radio partners,
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kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. myicallyymy clicker finally has the luck of the irish today. back to you. >> good, elizabeth! your clicker is working. there is still just too much radiation around japan's damaged nuclear complex for people to get close. today military helicopters and fire trucks with high pressure water cannons are dumping sea water on an overheated reactor trying to prevent a meltdown. this morning the search for a suspect and a motive after a man was shot in the head outside this mcdonald's restaurant in san jose. we just got off the phone with san jose police. they tell us the victim is on life support at valley medical center. a section of highway 1 is shut down near big sur and it could be months before it reopens because a 30-foot chunk of highway fell down a cliff yesterday. the apparent cause, steady
5:20 am
erosion from rain and waves. no one was injured. it's march madness. i hope you got your brackets, folks. we are going to take a look at the coverage when we come back. plus, who made playboy's list of the sexiest celebrities. and the chain of events that led to a very narrow escape for cops on the road. that and much more when sydnie and i come back. [ female announcer ] finally, a hand sanitizer that won't dry out your hands.
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new gold bond ultimate hand sanitizer sheer moisture. kills 99% of germs without alcohol. new gold bond hand sanitizer sheer moisture. easy drive westbound in silicon valley. things good in the bay area. coming up a check of the bay bridge toll plaza in just a few minutes. thanks, elizabeth. an extremely close call for cops and it's all caught on tape. wow. police were trying to divert traffic away from the scene at an accident in st. louis on tuesday when that car slammed into that cruiser.
5:24 am
one officer jumped over the center median into traffic to get out of way. another officer ran down the highway. one person was injured but is expected to be okay. but both officers are doing fine. well, $5 to use the atm? >> looks like it's going to happen. get ready. last spring's initiative to cap fees at 50 cents per transaction went nowhere. so now chase is testing out fees of $4 and $5 a pop. other banks are expected to follow. right now banks generally charge non-customers about $3 to use their atms. wow. that's a lot. and that adds up too. >> yeah, and i use those a lot. that's going to kill me. a newcomer to the bay area grocery scene just opening another store. this is the "fresh & easy" on ygnacio valley road in concord. it's one of 13 "fresh & easy" stores planned in the bay area. there was a line out the door at its opening yesterday, everybody checking it out. their focus is fresh convenient food with lots of grab and go
5:25 am
meals. concord's mayor says the store created 30 jobs for his city. while there, perhaps you can pick up a copy of "playboy" magazine and check its latest list of sexiest celebrities including halle berry, 44. also on the list another acted tress natalie portman who just won an oscar and jennifer wyr left, and kim kardashian. >> famous for being pretty and a reality star and... we'll leave it at that. [ laughter ] >> not much after that. well, it is that time of the year. march madness in full swing coming up. >> 64 teams will be competing over the next two weeks and the annual one loss elimination tournament it's one of the most exciting events of the sports year with everybody filling out their tournament brackets just for fun of course.
5:26 am
no money exchanges hands. right. >> this year, cbs is sharing television rights with some turner cable networks so you will be able to see college hoops on tbs, tnt and true tv and with those added outlets, every game of the tournament will be televised. >> so you're going to get your fill of hoop here, folks, especially here on cbs. live coverage here on cbs 5 begins at 9:00 this morning with clemson taking on west virginia, coverage will run until about 2 p.m. cbs evening news will run at 3:30 today. a lot more basketball from 4 to 9 p.m. tonight. game day follows the coverage. our next local newscast will be at 11:00 tonight >> who are we picking to win it all? >> we are going to unveil those a little later. and you, as well. you know, we have our picks out there. but it's always fun. i think it's better than the super bowl. >> it's great. these kids are out there just playing their hearts out. it's always a lot of fun and i'm always rooting for the underdogs. >> absolutely. >> that's what makes it fun. you get a 15 seed against a 2 and they start to go ahead and everyone in the newsroom is
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like, let's go valpo, let's go! >> it will be fun. a crippled power plant getting doused from up above, coming up. >> the newest weapon to try to prevent a nuclear meltdown. and the state of the crisis in japan this morning. a shocking daylight shooting at this mcdonald's in san jose sent a young man to the hospital. he is on life support. we have video coming up. a high surf advisory in effect and a surfer died overnight at mavericks. we'll have the latest coming up.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado a top of the morning to you, folks! it is thursday, march 17. happy st. patrick's day. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 5:30 let's start with a quick check of your weather and traffic before you go to work or to one of the lawrence pubs. >> a little early for that! [ laughter ] >> if you have to, folks, it's looking mostly dry so far around the bay area. the one exception, we have this little wave of energy right there. that is going to bring with it a chance of some showers north of the golden gate bridge. otherwise looking good after that, though. friday we have another storm brewing. we'll talk more about that in a
5:31 am
minute. right now the let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> okay. things are still looking great. live at the san mateo bridge, westbound and eastbound 92 off the high-rise looking great about 13 minutes across the span between hayward and the peninsula. elsewhere, golden gate bridge they did the lane change. now we're free-flowing across the span here, as well. coming up, let's take a check of westbound 580 because i was really backed up yesterday coming out of the altamont pass. so stay tuned for that just a few minutes. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. a man is shot execution- style right in front of people eating burgers and fries. this happened at a mcdonald's on south bascomb avenue in san jose. let's go to don knapp with more on the search for a gunman and exclusive look at surveillance video. don, good morning. this happened in broad daylight, didn't it? >> reporter: that's the shocking thing about it, sydnie. broad daylight in front of a lot of people. lunchtime at that mcdonald's that you see behind me, the shooting sent a man to the hospital. san jose police this morning
5:32 am
confirming the man is still alive. he is on life support. but as you pointed out, there is a building right next door to mcdonald's liberty tax services with a camera on the outside. they have a video and they provided it for us. let's take a look at that. now, at the top of the screen, you will see the shooter on the run and as you watch you can see a woman apparently reacting to the shot and turning around. a moment later the suspect runs by wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt holding a gun. the video was provided by paul grewal who owns liberty tax right next door to the crime scene. released the video to cbs 5 because, he said, it was the right thing to do. >> we catch the person that done this harm to the young man that got shot, hope they catch him and hopefully it doesn't happen again. >> shot him, walked down the sidewalk real calm and tucked
5:33 am
away the gun or whatever it was. i couldn't see it. >> reporter: after the shooting, the valley medical center is across the street from mcdonald's. we don't know if that had anything to do the with man's condition at this point but paramedics got him to valley medical center in a hurry. the victim is on life support. police are searching for the shooter and trying to decide whether it's gang-related once they have of the identity of the victim, they would research records to check. >> thank you, don knapp in san jose. we are getting new word that japan -- that the military helicopters have quit dropping sea water on a nuclear reactor in danger of meltdown. they have suspended the flight so they can evaluate the success of that very unusual effort. they are also using high pressure hoses now to pour water on the cooling pool. japan denies claim by u.s. officials that damaged reactor four has no more water in its
5:34 am
spent fuel pools. >> we believe that radiation levels are extremely high, which could possibly impact the ability to take corrective measures. >> americans within 50 miles of the nuclear plant are being urged to get further away, but japan is keeping its danger zone at only 12 miles. and president obama called japan's prime minister to express his sympathy. the president assured him that the u.s. will help rebuild the earthquake and the tsunami devastated nation. the call lasted about 30 minutes. traces of radiation could be detectable in southern california by late tomorrow at least that's according to a united nations forecast. a plume of radiation is crossing the pacific right now. but experts stress that the radiation will be extremely diluted when it hits the west coast and is unlikely to cause harm. the feds have sent more radiation monitors to the west coast as a precaution. they are expected to be operational by the end of the
5:35 am
week. this crisis has touched off a debate about everyday radiation levels. health experts say watching an old-fashioned television exposes you to 10 microsieverts. that's one way to measure radiation. getting your teeth x-rayed five microsieverts. a mammogram, 420 microsieverts. and there are ways to help the victims of the quake and tsunami. you can log onto our website,, and click on "links and numbers" for a list of agencies that are coordinating emergency relief in that country. a cloudy st. patrick's day but not too much rain so that's good news, lawrence. we appreciate that. >> yeah. i think we'll sneak in a little bit of sunshine in between some of those clouds especially as we head in toward the afternoon looking pretty good but yeah, look at this, we have a little wave of moisture that's bringing lightning strikes off the coast. there is a chance of showers moving into parts of the north bay. the rest of us, not too bad as
5:36 am
we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures much cooler around the bay area to start off the day. into the 30s and 40s this morning but clear inside the bay and across parts of the south bay, as well. this afternoon, you're talking about some partly cloudy skies, temperatures up in the 50s and 60s. a slight chance we could see some of those showers north of the golden gate bridge. let's get a traffic check with elizabeth. >> highway 4, update you on this roadwork. still not seeing any delay because of it on our sensors. it is going against the commute. eastbound 4 between bailey road and somersville until 7:00 this morning. they will have lanes blocked. westbound commute direction just starting to see our first bit of brake lights there towards a street in antioch. things look better out antioch. 14 minutes from 680 to the dublin interchange. big accident yesterday in livermore and messed things up
5:37 am
for the morning drive, again not the case so far today. a surfer is dead today after he fell while riding the wave in mavericks near half moon bay. fellow surfers are asking how could this happen to a guy who is so experienced. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: this morning the sea is rough on the coast of pacifica as you can see here behind me. but no huge waves. there is a high surf advisory out for the entire coastline until 11 p.m. tomorrow. waves are expected to be 13 to 16 feet. here's the picture of the surfer who died yesterday in waves even larger than that. his name is sion milosky. he lives in kauai, hawaii, dying after a two wave hold- down. he was hit by two separate waves and held down at around
5:38 am
6:30 last night. his body was found soon after at the half moon bay harbor mouth. here's a look at mavericks. this is the spot that this man was surfing yesterday. faces, we have been told, measuring up to 30 feet last night. but the conditions were said to be very sloppy. this is one of the most powerful breaks in the world, though, near pillar point harbor right outside of half moon bay. you may remember there was a very serious incident there in january. a surfer was seriously injured and here are some pictures from that incident. you can see the surfer in the circle and then his board coming up over the 25-foot wave. his name was jake trette from orange county. he was slammed by two more waves, knocked unconscious, ended up in a coma, but then woke uhm, he was all right, and came back to surf again. back out here live now in pacifica, the high surf advisory in effect until tomorrow night. now, the only other surfer that
5:39 am
ever actually passed away at mavericks was back in 1994. he was also from hawaii. his name was mark foo. >> frank and sydnie. >> how they climb on those 25- foot waves, the video is amazing. huge. anne makovec, she is live in pacifica. okay, anne, thank you very much. well, this morning, richmond police are asking for help in catching a would-be killer. the wanted man attacked a woman in her home six weeks ago. he is described as 5'8" to 6', weighing 200 pounds. the 90-pound victim could not keep him from bursting through her front door and forcing her into the bedroom. >> face looked like that... [ indiscernible ] >> attempted to suffocate her, she is trying to say.
5:40 am
>> the woman passed out. the man hit her on the head and cut her throat when she came to. she called for help. the suspect got away. a hearing is set this morning for the upcoming perjury trial against barry bonds. a judge will rule on whether to allow voicemails that bonds left for a former mistress. prosecutors say those messages demonstrate how steroid use affected bonds' behavior. the former giants slugger accused of lying to a federal grand jury by saying he never took performance-enhancing drugs. that trial is scheduled to begin monday. and the state is threatening to fine pg&e a million dollars a day for failing to turn over key safety records by tuesday's deadline. in the wake of the san bruno explosion, the puc asked the company to supply documents that prove its gas pressure levels are safe. the puc's executive director suggests that pg&e made a deliberate decision not to comply. he said they relied far too much on showing historical pressure levels instead of
5:41 am
supplying pressure tests or engineering work. 5:40 now. the race is crowded for san francisco's next mayor and the most popular candidate in the bunch is not even running. >> plus, what would you pay for a 7-pound gold nugget? one man's price to snag this lucky charm.
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we are going to sneak in clouds, a little sunshine, still a chance of a few showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. mostly clear at the bay and the coast. high surf advisory, waves 13 to 16 feet that continuing through tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds and a chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge,
5:44 am
temperatures not bad 50s and 60s. in between systems right here but you will notice this guy coming in right there doesn't look like much but we have seen numerous lightning strikes from the system off the coastline and it may just clip the north bay. so mostly dry day around the bay area except the north bay. you have a chance of showers there. behind that we have this guy and we are not missing around with this one, this one diving into the bay area bringing moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall through the day tomorrow. and some gusty winds, lightning, maybe even some snow down to about 3,000 feet. as we look at temperatures this afternoon, about 63 degrees in los gatos, 60 in palo alto, 61 in union city. east bay temperatures running up into the 50s and the 60s by the afternoon with some partly cloudy skies. and there is that chance we could see a few showers in parts of the north bay. temperatures there mainly in the 50s and a few 60s, as well. looking out over the next few days, we have that storm brewing and this could bring with it significant rainfall to the bay area up to 2" in parts of the north bay, and again should be a wild day around the
5:45 am
bay area for tomorrow, showers continuing into saturday. another storm moves in come sunday and monday with soaking rain and scattered showers well into the middle of next week. let's get a check of traffic now with elizabeth. >> okay, thank you, lawrence. and let's go out live in the south bay, take a look at 101 traffic. this is near mckee, where everything is free-flowing. we have been relatively problem- free this morning. so you can sit back, relax, take it a little extra easy because we are not seeing any major hot spots anywhere across the bay area including right there in san jose. so thank you for that live traffic shot. we'll go to our sensors and show you in our maps, show you where we are seeing a little bit of slower speeds. no surprise here, westbound highway 4 just our usual pattern. still just under 40 miles per hour as you make your way out of antioch, pittsburg, concord speeds great through there. live look up and down the nimitz freeway, headlights are southbound traffic toward hayward. and really a smooth commute all
5:46 am
the way down towards highway 92 if you are heading towards the san mateo bridge. everything look great, no advisory, no dent in the morning commute from the weather. southbound 101 pretty quick ride all the way out towards the golden gate bridge ebay bridge toll plaza usually our best indicator of how traffic is flowing and so far no metering lights, no delay. there was some overnight roadwork on the upper deck from the incline towards the "s" curve but that is picked up so as you can see, all green on our sensors. it is a st. patrick's day appropriate commute all across the upper deck heading into the city right now. mass transit also on time, bart, ace, muni and caltrain all reporting no delays. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. >> thank you. here's a check of today's
5:47 am
top stories. more protests are expected today when the uc regents meet for the third and final time. uc students and staff rallied across california yesterday demanding regents not to balance the budget at their expense. administrators said the 10- campus system should be prepared to lose between $500 million and $1 billion in public support. meanwhile, san jose police are looking for a suspect and a motive after a man was shot in the head outside a fast-food restaurant yesterday in broad daylight in front of patrons at the mcdonald's on bascomb avenue. this morning, police tell us the victim is on life support. japanese officials are trying to learn if their latest effort at a disabled nuclear plant are work. military helicopters dropped sea water on an overheated reactor today trying to prevent a meltdown. the united nations could
5:48 am
vote today on a no-fly zone over libya. several countries are calling for the security council to take action. they are hope to prevent moammar qaddafi from conducting aerial attacks on his people. the u.s. government says more steps might need to be taken. >> we are interested in a broad range of action, uhm, that will effectively protect civilians and increase the pressure on the qaddafi regime to halt the killing. >> council ambassadors took more than 8 hours yesterday drafting the no fly resolution. secretary of state hillary clinton says she is done at the end of this term. the nation's top diplomat tells cnn that even if president obama is re-elected, she does not want to stay in her job. and she is not interested in running for president or vice president next year. clinton lost to mr. obama in 2008 for the democratic presidential nomination. however, she has been mentioned
5:49 am
as a possible candidate for 2016. and former president bill clinton was in san francisco last night. he address aid crowd of internet due -- he addressed a crowd of internet gurus talking about e-commerce taxes. he said the issue should be open for discussion and that online commerce is healthy once again. 5:49. a new measure is fighting for gay rights. senator dianne feinstein introducing a bill that would repeal the federal ban on same- sex marriages. the respect for marriage act would let same-sex marriage couples enjoy the same benefits as opposite sex couples. and the most popular choice for san francisco's next mayor is not even a candidate. in a pol 17% of respondents said they would vote for ed lee even though he is not running. former board of supervisor
5:50 am
member mikhail supervisors came in next, and the board of supervisors president may select david chiu. twitter making a promise to san francisco. what it will take for them to stay in the city. >> plus the new app that could mean the difference between life and death all coming up.
5:51 am
5:52 am
it is 5:52. the city of san francisco wants to use cell phones to enlist lifesavers. city leaders are developing a smart phone app to alert people trained in cpr of nearby cardiac arrest emergencies to get help to victims while paramedics or firefighters are en route. >> to be able to have
5:53 am
technology whereby our good citizens who will volunteer to learn about this information and can rush to the scene prior to our arrival could make the difference between life and death. >> the san ramon valley fire district is already using this technology. san francisco is the first major city in the u.s. to announce the program. it could be in place later this year. 5:53 your time. san francisco supervisors could vote later this month on a plan to get twitter to move into the midmarket neighborhood. twitter's chief financial officer wrote to san francisco officials to say it wants to move in a building on 9th and market streets depending on them getting a payroll tax exemption. $400,000 someone paid for a nearly 7-pound gold nugget in sacramento. check it out right here. it's the cluster of gold found last year in nevada county, california. it's huge. the unusual size of the nugget boosted the final price well over its pure gold value.
5:54 am
the buyer must also pay $60,000 to the auction house. >> lawrence, it's finally happened. somebody did find the pot o' gold. >> he had to pay for it. the problem is i have been looking ever since and i haven't found mine. we may find it though in the sunshine we see a little bit around the bay area today. it's not going to be a rainout. there is still a chance we could see showers north of the golden gate bridge . but temperatures running up into the 50s and 60s outside. but yeah, things going to change as we head in toward tomorrow. we have a more significant storm diving into the bay area. we are expecting some rain, some gusty winds, the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms and some low snow levels down to 3,000 feet so could see a dusting across the mountains. showers continuing into saturday, more rain come sunday and also into monday. oh, by the way, we have a birthday to talk about today! we want to say happy birthday to luke the duke swift! he is a production assistant here. he is celebrating his birthday on st. patrick's day! and luke, hey, he always has somebody to celebrate with on
5:55 am
st. patrick's day. happy birthday. elizabeth. >> are you irish, luke? >> yes! >> you are? look at that! appropriate. >> that's perfect. >> perfect. look at that. well, happy birthday! and happy st. patrick's day. all right. we got a couple things going on. we just got word of a new accident in livermore westbound 580 around the first street exit. that's all the details we know. in our next traffic report we'll try to give you more information but in the meantime we are starting to see a few brake lights already coming out of the altamont pass. your drive time there about 15 minutes between 205 heading out towards the dublin interchange. also, we got a call from nicole with the kcbs phone force telling us about a stall on the flat section of the san mateo bridge. it is in the commute direction westbound 92. we cannot see it in our camera but she tells us that there is no delay whatsoever to traffic because of it. so still out there blocking one lane but as you can see, from our live traffic camera, just past the toll plaza, your drive time still looks great and cars are free-flowing out towards foster city and the peninsula. bay bridge same story looks
5:56 am
good. we have had no problems all morning so should be a nice commute right now into san francisco and mass transit is all running on time. that's a check of traffic. back to you. >> thank you. are you wearing green? >> uhm.... no. i'm not. [ laughter ] >> i could lie and say i am but no, i'm not. but my sensors are showing lots of green. >> that works. [ laughter ] it is st. patrick's day. and the celebration has been going on since the 17th century. >> it has. today triple-a wants to make sure you celebrate safely. it's offering anyone a free ride home starting tonight at 6:00. some start earlier. until tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. you can get a free tow up to five miles. how about that. all you have to do is call them 1-800-aaa-help. >> celebrate in moderation and have a designated driver. a lot of people will be out there. >> watch the basketball. that's what you need to do today. a lot of that coming up today
5:57 am
on kpix. a plume of radiation from japan expected to reach california. coming up, we'll tell you when and the level of concern. a brazen daylight shooting at this mcdonald's in south bascomb in san jose leaves a man on life support. but there is video and we'll show it to you. a high surf advisory in effect this morning after a surfer dies in the waves behind me last night. we'll have the latest coming up. caption colorado
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. people in the south bay witness an execution-style shooting. only on cbs 5 we have the surveillance video showing the gunman running away. plus, the crisis in japan hitting very close to home. when a plume of radiation is projected to hit california. and good morning, everybody. it's thursday, march 17.


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